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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  August 31, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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go to to tell us what you thought about the show and the republican national convention. good night from tampa. >> pellow. good morning to you. i am ainsley air part. >> -- i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am patti ann browne. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> mr. chairman and delegates. i accept your nomination for president of the united states. tons of excitement for the romney ryan ticket.
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little children filling the arena and both candidates families joining them on the stage at the end of the night. romney wasting no time after accepting the nomination laying out his vision for the future. >> hope and change had a powerful appeal. tonight i would ask a simple question, if you felt that excitement when you voted for barack obama? shouldn't you feel that now as he is president obama? the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him. i am running for president to help create a better future, a future where everyone who wants a job can find a job, where no senior fears for the security of their retiremenretirement. every parent knows a job leaves them to a better future and a brighter horizon. >> the good morning, peter.
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>> good morning, ainsley. the first chunk was about his family life. he told a touching story about a rose and how his dad used to leave a rose for his mom on the table next to her bed and the way she found out something was wrong on the day she died is she woke up and didn't find a rose. many in the crowd were visibly moved stories like that and stories about raising five boys and caring for his sick wife ann. but it was not all personal and meegsnal. at one point he said the last four years of obama's policies were the hope and change they voted for it's just not what we wanted, it's just not what we expected. >> president obama promised to begin to slow is the rise of the
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ocean oceans and to heal the planet my promise is to help you and your family. (cheers and applause) >> mitt romney also tried to get into the heads of the people who voted democrat back in 2008 saying he thinks there's something wrong with the job president obama has done in the lig white house when he said the best feeling you had was when you voted for him. >> i wish president obama had succeeded because i want america to succeed. but his promises gave way to disappointment and division. this isn't something we have to accept. now is the moment when we can do something, and with your help we will do something. (applause) >> mitt romney talked openly
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about his mormon faith and past at bane capital. if he is president he will work to restore the country for us of the greatest generation. thank you so much. although it was mitt's big night the national convention also heard from other big stars. the mystery speaker clint eastwood. >> that's who it turned out to be. we will hear from him but first marco rubio hit on the theme of the rnc celebrate cing success. >> many nights growing up i would hear my father's keys jingling at the door as he came home after a 16 hour day. many days i would wake up as my mother got home from the over night shift at kmart. when you are young and in a hurry the meaning of moments like this escape me. as my children get older i understand it better.
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my dad used to tell us... (speaking spanish). in this country you are going to be able to accomplish all of the things we never could. a few years ago during a speech i noticed the bartender behind a portable bar in the back of the ballroom. i remember my father who worked for many years as a bartender. he was grateful for the work he had but that's not the life he wanted for us. you see, he stood behind a bar in the back of a room all those years so one day i could stand behind a podium in the front of a room. >> that was just one of several times the audience came to their feet. another instant when clint eastwood taking on the crowd. >> i remember three and a half years ago when mr. obama won the
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election though i wasn't a big supporter i was watching that night when he was having that thing and they were talking about hope and change and they were talking about yes, we can. it was dark and outdoors and it was nice and people are lighting candles and they were saying -- i thought it is great. everybody is crying. oprah was crying. i was even crying. finally -- i haven't cried that hard since i found out that there are 23 million unemployed people in this country. >> eastwood got a big reaction when he said this. he said quote when someone doesn't do the job we have to let them go. >> now to our brew on this question of the day. what did you think of mitt romney's speech? send us your comments. you can tweet them to us at fox friends first or shoot us an
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e-mail at we will read them later on in the show. an extreme weather alert slow moving isaac weakening now to a tropical depression but the devastation far from over as you can see. the storm left these neighborhoods completely under water. at least 500 people had to be rescued. thousands live in shelters with absolutely nothing but the clothes on their back. >> i lost my vehicle, my home, my motor bike. what i have with me now is actually what i own. >> as bad as that flooding is now it goed get even worse because the dam that normally contains the tangipahoa lake could break at any moments. crews desperately trying to keep that from happening. 60,000 people being ordered to leave their homes in case it
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does happen. anna kooiman has been following isaac from the beginning and she joins us with the latest. good morning, anna. >> good morning ainsley. unfortunately sad news to report. families are waking up dealing with the death of loved ones. hurricane isaac claiming the lives to 2 more bringing the total to 4. plaquemines parish pulled a couple out of their kitchen. the way they found out about it was from rescuing others who they brought to a shelter and saw this going on. 1500 water rescues were made by first responders and the department of wildlife and fisherys. in st. johns parish alone 3300 people were forced to evacuate many had water and batteries and generators ready for power outages but were shocked how quickly the waters grew.
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>> it was like katrina all over again. >> people got used to the water coming. hnt govelieutenant governor what helped some parishes are hurting others. 14 and a half billion given to hurricane katerina is forcing storm surge into other areas that previously didn't have to deal with the flooding like what you saw there in st. johns parish. the few stations that are open are being maned by the national guard. the cameras were rolling an altercation happened a woman tried to cut in line and made people upset. louisiana attorney general's office is price gouging. another point to make is louisiana environmental protection agency has issued a waiver letting gas stations in
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order to maintain their fuel supply. >> price gouging. i can't believe it there. isaac leaving behind heavy rains as it weakens the midwest. janice dean has the lathes weather. >> we are dealing with a potential of flooding across portions of the central plains and upper midwest. we need the rain bad news is it's going to come really quickly. too much of a good thing. that is isaac it is weakening of course. we are lacking for a threat across the lower mississippi valley over the tennessee river valley where we could see isolated tornadoes. in terms of rainfall much needed but it's going to come very fast and furious across the plains and midwest and then across portions of the northeast and med atlantic region. 2, 3, 4 inches not out of question.
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this area into extreme drought. it will be very, very warm across regions that doesn't have electricity. 84 in houston, 80 new orleans. you are going to reach a high of upper 90s. it will be impressive heat across areas that don't have air-conditioning. >> janice dean, thank you. time for the top 5@5:00. this guy the accused fort hood shooter major nadal hasan breaking his silence in the courtroom. telling the judge why he still has the beard. hassan says his muslim faith requires him to wear one and he is not trying to be disrespectful. the judge ruled his beard is a distraction. the hearing set for thursday to review this matter. the cia will not face
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charges about interrogation practices. former cia director michael hayden says he's glad the investigation is overment he regrets cia officers had to go through the review. >> rejecting the texas volter id law. it is unfair to minorities. but the state said numerous cases showed voter fraud as a serious threat and hundreds of dead people are actually voting or did vote in a recent primary. texas attorney general is outraged and vows to appeal. >> this is a state trend where they are doing a job to secure the integrity of the ballot boxes and courts bushing back against that seemingly promoting and allowing illegal voters to be able to participate in the election process. >> the same federal court hearing a case over south carolina's voter id law. >> pain at the pump. gas prices nationwide are at a
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record high for this time of year. with many oil rigs and refineries closed along the gulf coast prices are expected to rise even more. right now the average cost is 3.83 up $0.22 from a year ago. >> the republican national convention closing with the benediction of timothy cardinal dolan. >> oh god of wisdom justice and might we ask your guidance for those who govern us and on those who would govern us. most of all, oh mighty god we thank you for the great gift of our beloved country, for we are one nation under god and in god we trust. cardinal dolan will be saying a prayer at the democratic national convention next week. >> 13 after the hour jeb bush takes the stage at the rnc. he has harsh words for president obama. >> in the 4th year of your
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presidency a real leader would accept responsibility for his actions and you haven't done it. >> it doesn't stop there. we will have more. one of the prestigious colleges in our country caught in a cheating scandal. we have a look at mitt romney's speech. >> this president can tell us to be patient, this president can tell us it's someone else's fault, this president can tell us the next four years will set it right, but this president cannot tell you you are better off since he took office.
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>> almost 17 after the hour. here is quick headlines for you. the lacrosse player who murdered his girlfriend in a drunken rage will spend 23 years behind bars. a judge reducing the recommended sentence by 3 years. 25 harvard university students now under investigation accused of collaborating on a take home final exam this spring. each student will go before the university board those who are found guilty face year long suspensions. time for more highlights from the final night of the rnc. >> jeb bush taking the stage. the governor had strong words
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for president obama defending his brother president george w. bush. >> my brother, well, i love my brother. uz he is a man of integrity, courage and honor. and during incredibly challenging times, he kept us safe. so, mr. president it is time to stop blaming your predecessor for your failed economic policies. you were dealt a tough hand.
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you were dealt a tough hand but your policies have not worked. in the 4th year of your presidency a real leader would accept responsibility for his actions and you haven't done it. >> and that of course wasn't the only family affair. last night in a moving video at the rnc we learned a little more about the romney's relationship. >> she is gorgeous, absolutely beautiful. you know, i can't explain love. i don't know why it happened. i don't know why it endures the way it does. you know at the very beginning i sat with her and chatted hwith her put my arm around her and something changed. >> my 16th birthday party was when mitt and i really became sort of an item. it was the beginning of our romance. >> 1968 he flew into the detroit airport right before christmas. of course his mother has her arms open he runs right by her
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and grabs me. >> on the car ride home from the airport. i turned to ann and said i feel like i have never been away. she said i feel the same way. >> an romney share ago touching tribute he gave to her. >> i was very, very ill. i don't know if people knew how sick i was. i was frightened. mitt was frightened but i needed him desperately. >> i am happy in life now that i have got my soul mate with me. >> mitt decided he was going to honor heros through out the country and the torch relay was going to be all about heros. mitt choose me as his hero. my life was in jeopardy and i was like, as vulnerable as a person could be and i trust mitt. i trust him with my life. mitt romney said his wife's diagnosis of multiple sclerosis was the toughest time of his life but they got through it
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together. it is 20 minutes after the top of the hour. it is the next short list the romney camp is preparing his cabinet. if elected who will go to the white house with him? we have details coming right up. a police officer forced to think quickly with disaster seconds away. we have the dramatic video. [ wife ] your dad's really giving him the business... the designated hitter's the best thing to happen to baseball! but it's not the same game! [ wife ] wow, he's really gonna get us a good deal.
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>> 24 after the hour. time for quick headlines. a crolose call when a pickup trk going the wrong way on the highway slams right into his cruiser. the truck driver went another 14 miles before being stopped. he faces a number of charges. luckily no one was hurt. >> credit up to $345 if you return your old iphone. you can use the credit to buy other products including the
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iphone 5 which is expected to hit shelves in the next few weeks. >> there is already talk about what a romney administration might look like. shan ongreen has all of the details on his possible cabinet members. >> when it comes to former policies he turns to secretary of states henry baker, james schultz, henry kissinger and condi rice. she got one of the biggest crowd reactions all week in a speech about tough talk about leaving america behind. whether she would join a romney cabinet only she knows. there is a question about whether he will pull from his current advisors who served in the bush administration along with rice. casey mcfarland said one of her former bosses found the right balance. >> i think the most successful presidency is reagan because the
2:26 am
job of president as to be the chairman of the board and to let his department follow his lead but to am implement policies on their own. >> hewlett-packard ceo is one of the experienced leaders he would like to see in a future administration. she shot down the idea saying she is committed to her work at hp. one he doesn't plan on keeping is fed chairman ben beranek key. he wants someone who shares his vision. coming up this man can thank his lucky stars after avoiding a lightening strike by just a few seconds. >> it's incredible. the families of good samaire dans died get a charge for ambulance fees.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first". i am patti ann browne. >> i am ainsley earhardt. it is 30 minutes after the top of the hour. >> mr. chairman and delegates, i accept your nomination for president of the united states. >> the party was rocking for republicans in tampa after mitt romney officially became their nominee. ♪ >> as you can see romney had
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tampa on its feet when he vow to do restore the american dream and promised to use his years of success in business to create much needed jobs for the country. doug luzader is live in tampa with the latest. we are right outside the forum where they are still cleaning up. this thing is pretty much over and this convention that began with an awkward storm related start really ended with a flourish. now that is winning in november. mitt romney rived on the floor it had a look and feel of a state of the union address as he walked down the aisle shaking hands making his way down the stage. he quickly accepted the party's nomination. >> if i am elected president of the united states i will work with all of my energy and soul to serve that america to lift our lies to a better future. a future is our destiny.
2:32 am
that future is out there. our children deserve it. our nation depends on it. the peace and freedom of the world requires it. with your help we will deliver it. let us begin that future for america tonight. >> this is what republicans have been waiting for all week. mitt mitt romney his running mate and families all together on one stage. romney talked about his faith, his business experience and commitment to women and to man. >> the president hasn't disappointed you because he wanted to. the president has disappointed america because he hasn't led america in the right direction. he took office without the basic qualifications that most americans have and one essential to the task at hand. he had almost no experience working at a business. jobs to him are about
2:33 am
government. >> the president's reelection campaign said romney failed to get into any specific proposals. it's the democratic's turn. the national in charlotte. that kicks off on tuesday. back do you in new york. >> doug luzader live in tampa. while it was of course all about mitt last night the presidential hopeful did share the stage with several other speaks florida senator marco rubio introducing romney using the flat form to critique president obama. >> under barack obama the only change is that hope is hard to find. now, sadly, millions of americans are insecure about their future. but instead of inspiring us, by reminding us of what makes us special he divides us against each other. he tells americans that they are worse off because others are better off, that rich people got rich by making other people
2:34 am
poor. hope and change has become divide and conquer. >> in addition to celebrating success many of the speakers spoke about their ancestors and achieving the american dream. earlier in the night one of the romney sons craig talked about the opportunities his own grandparents offered them. >> it's easy to forget the story of my father's success begins with a story of two immigrants. thank you. my grandfather who came to the country with little more than hope and the opportunity of america for their hard work and perseverance they lived the american dream, they gave opportunities to their children they wouldn't have had anywhere else. the republican party is dedicate to do preserving that opportunity for all americans.
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>> today at 7:15 tune in with "fox and friends" because they are sitting down with ann romney. >> a isaac is a tropical depression moving away from louisiana and mississippi. but the damage is already done. 4 people now reported dead thousands of others left homeless many packing shelters now with nothing but the clothes they were wearing. >> i lost my vehicle, my home, my motor bike. i lost everything. what i have with me now is actually when i own. >> as bad as the flooding is now there is a chance it could get even worse than this. that is because the dam that normally contains the tangipaoa
2:36 am
lake could break at noim meant. 60,000 people are ordered to leaf their homes in case it does. anna kooiman is joining us with the latest. people when they hear this wasn't going to be a hurricane katrina event or they hear that isaac weakened to a tropical storm. it is a fatal storm claiming two more. sheriff's deputies in plaquemines parish pulled the body of a man and a woman in their 40s floating in their kitchen. they rescued others in the area taking them to a shelter. that was the story all day with first responders and folks from the department of wildlife and fisher ryes made the wildliresc. 30,000 people in st. johns parish alone were evacuated. they didn't expect the waters to
2:37 am
rise this quickly. they had generators and ready for power outages but not this flooding. >> like katrina all over again. >> people got used to the water coming and then it really came. lieutenant governor says that some officials are speculating what has helped some parishes is hurting others. the 14 and a half billion dollars given after hurricane katrina to fort fy the levees forced storm surge into other areas that previously didn't deal with the flooding. we can tell you a little bit about power outages. there are 530,000 homes and businesses in the state of louisiana that are still in the dark. we are told by the power company it could remain that way for an entire week. also the national guard busy setting up 27 hard hit parishes giving out ready to eat meals, food, ice and water. >> thank you so much, anna. you hear category 1 so you don't
2:38 am
think it's going to be as bad and look at the results. >> definitely bad. >> let's get the latest on isaac right now. janice dean has your first degree weather update. >> we are watching new orleans louisiana over the next few days. a lot of folks don't have power. temperatures are going to be warm with the heat index even warmer. very humid muggy conditions. we have thunderstorms through the forecast through much of the workweek -- into the weekend and into the new workweek. watch new orleans forecast in the next several days. we are seeing this moisture lifting northward bringing much needed relief across areas that need the moisture but it will come fast and furious. the other main point is we could see the risk for severe weather. this is a tornado warning across portions of louisiana south and east of monroe. tornado warning. we are still seeing that moisture. we are still seeing the lift and the rotation.
2:39 am
through out the day today through much of louisiana up towards arkansas the risk for tornadoes. i want to point out we are really active across the atlantic. the remnants of isaac. we have hurricane kirk and tropical storm leslie. the good news is these storms are going to stay away from land. that is some good news. heading into the weekend folks want to know what the weekend forecast is going to look like because we have labor day coming up. temperatures will remain warm for much of the country across the midwest and the east coast. our last shot at summer as we head into the weekend. back to you. >> janice dean in the weather center. thanks. top five stories making news at this hour. the lawyers for the accused dark knight shooter james holmes now claiming he tried to reach out through the school psychiatrist just nine minutes after the attack but reached an after
2:40 am
hours switch board instead. she only met with holmes once but he did mail her the notebook allegedly outlining his violent planned attack. a judge deciding whether to allow the notebook as evidence in the courtroom. holmes was rejected from the neuroscience program last year. a faculty member saying quote do not offer admission under any circumstances. >> we know what killed stallone he died of natural causes by years of smoking. sage stallone didn't have any elicit drugs. sage was the oldest son of actor sylvester stallone. he was 36 years old. two women die after rushing to save the victims of a car crash in l.a. now their family is being charged 1,000 dollars each for ambulance fees. erma zamora and stacy schriber
2:41 am
were electrocuted when a broken streetlight made contact with a water that was spewing from a fire hydrant. four other people were also injured. those four survived. they don't have the authority to wave the paramedics fees even a case like this one. they are having a fundraiser to cover the costs. a man pulls into his driveway and second after walking away from his car a lightening strike causes a tree to explode and crash right in the spot where he was just standing. it happened in england. the shocking scene was all caught on security footage. the 10-foot piece smashed through his window. luckily no one was hurt. entertainment news overnight the last original american idol judge is out. randy jackson waving his
2:42 am
good-bye to the judge's table. he will stick around to be a show mentor he says. nicky manaj has the gig. mariah carrie is the only confirmed judge. those are your 5@5:30. >> still to come mitt romney de lufring the most important speech of his political career. will it sell with voters? we will have a review. >> a husband pulling out all of the stops to get his wife a job. as we head to break marco rubio's speech from last night. >> the problem with president obama isn't that he's a bad person. by all accounts he, too, was a good husband and a good father and thanks to lots of practice, a good golfer. our problem is not that he is a bad person. our problem is that he's a bad president.
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tangipahoa >> 45 after the hour. let's span the globe and see what stories are making headlines overseas. in syria a missing scombloirnl list has been captured troops. 31-year-old austin ties was near damascus. a freelance journalist has been reporting in the country since may. he went missing two weeks ago. syrian officials have not responded to u.s. authorities. next in hong kong a super
2:46 am
volcano one of only 50 in the world has been discovered. scientists say it erupted 140 million years ago and toppled into the sea. they say if that monstrous volcano had exploded now the ash would have darkened the sky and blanketed all of hong kong. thankfully it poses no threat. the oldest message in a bottle has been fished out of the sea. inside the bottle found by a scottish fisherman off the coast was a postcard dated 1914. it promised 6 pens to however found it. wonder if the fisherman will collect. >> i wish president obama had succeeded. i want america to succeed. this president will tell us the next four years will get it right. but he cannot tell us you are better off today than when he took office. to the majority of americans who now believe the future will not be better than the past, i can guarantee you this, if barack
2:47 am
obama is re-elected you will be right. president obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans and to heal the planet. my promise is to help you and your family. >> that was just a taste of mitt romney's speech. he is the republican nominee for president. we want to know how he did last night? former deputy assistant to george w. bush, brad blakeman. thanks for being with us. >> a pleasure. >> what did you think? >> i thought it was a perfect end to a great week in tampa. all of the speeches were dramatic and positive and hopeful. laid out the case as to why american people should change and vote for mitt romney as opposed to what we have with barack obama. there has never been a more important decision. do americans believe government is the answer to our problems or individual creativity and
2:48 am
ingenuity of the marketplace? that is really the dilemma that america faces. another four years or do we make the change? i think romney last night began a great general election and the next 60 plus days he will crisscross this country and layout his vision. one of the biggest criticisms facing governor romney before the rnc that he wasn't relatable to the american people. what is america saying this morning do you think? is he relatable now? >> certainly with ann romney's speech and the people in the nomination of romney layout the case as to who mitt romney is as an individual as a businessman, as a leader. the american people got a good taste of the type of character mitt romney will be as president. a lot of america will like what they see. his vision is hopeful.
2:49 am
he didn't talk about all of the bad in america. america knows how bad things are. what we need to know how things are going to get better. remember mitt romney said you sped it up in the clip he is going to worry about families and individuals first and foremost. >> we got a taste of that when the three families talked at the beginning took the stage there wasn't a dry eye in the audience there. he talks about getting america back on track. he wasn't necessarily so critical of the current administration. do you think that that was a success? are you glad he did that or do you think he should have been more critical? >> the american people know how bad things are. they know high gas prices, they know high food prices. they know that a lot of their friends and family are out of work or under employed. not enough to tell people how bad things are. when mitt romney left and said
2:50 am
how good things can be hope, vision, patriotism, we can do anything we put our mind to and we are going to get out of this dilemma we have in the economy if we all work together and not pit americans after americans. thanks a lot. time right now 10 minutes until the top of the hour. forget about staying up all night studying for exams. the key to boosting your gpa might be sleeping. >> question of the day, what did you think of mitt romney's speech we will have some of your e-mails next. let's check in with steve doocy. >> i am at the library in tampa he gave his speech 500 yards from where i am standing right now. a lot of people in the crowd loved it. marco rubio. wow. what about clint eastwood, huh? was it brilliant or embarrassing for a conventional speech it
2:51 am
wasn't very conventional. finally we will have ann romney drop by to talk about how her husband did giving the biggest speech of his life. fox and friends kicks off live from tampa 10 minutes from right now. flu
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>> it is now six minutes to the top of the hour. if you want a better gpa, student, you better take a nap. the recommended amount of sleep, nine hours. who gets that? >> but the recent study and surveys show that students only get six. three years and two coninents
2:55 am
and a baby, mtv announced this season of jersey shore will be the last season. it comes amid low ratings and high costs. it kicks off in october. how will we get those nine hours now? >> early in the show we asked you to respond. he finally got my confidence. after his speech i realize this is the hope and change we were promised and he will deliver. >> despite what some in the media saw to -- sought to push we saw a great human. >> governor romney knocked it out of the park. i felt the swell and pride of being a american. >> he's a leader and his speech was spot on. and would be proud to call him president romney.
2:56 am
thank you everybody for responding. keep them coming. quick work of the scene and fast forward as preparation comes together for mitt romney's speech. stick around for the word of the day. and look at jeb bush's speech. >> on this election remember this, our future as a nation is at stake it is not just one office, it is one nation. we want to continue to be the greatest nation on the planet and we must give our kids what we promised them. an equal opportunity. it starts in our classroom. it starts in our community. and it starts where you live. and it starts with electing mitt romney the next president of the united states. to baseball! but it's not the same game! [ wife ] wow, he's really gonna get us a good deal. it's better! no it's not! the pitcher comes up and he's out!
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>> a minute before the hour. who needs a resume when you can use a bill board? an ohio man posting this bill board. they haven't had offers yet. and final day of the rn c . the new stage was made so mitt romney could be closer to the delegates on the floor >> it is time to get scrambled up. >> can you figure o


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